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Gig title says 12 hrs but order count down shows 24 hrs

My gig title say I will design your logo in 12 hrs but fiverr clock ticking ti 24hrs. what do you people think that buyer expect? Just got first order and confuse about clock.:thinking: appreciate clearance.

Why cant the seller deliver in 12h (less than the minimum fiverr standard time)?

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Yes that’s what I ask. which is valid 12 or 24 due time?

officially, 24h.

but if this buyer deliver over 12h, everybody is free to express this in a review.

but any order which doesnt match with the gig description may me disputed with logical reason

Fiverr delivery time start from 24 hours and it doesn’t matter what you stated in gig title. The clock will show actual delivery time that you set on gig

what if buyer cancel the order because I couldn’t submit promised time. I mean gig title.

Thanks @sajedulshawon1, @xuntes :grinning::+1:

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If you can’t deliver in 12 hours then I will suggest you to remove that from title. Buyer might be in hurry and expecting delivery within 12 hours. If you take longer than 12 hours then buyer might file a dispute or leave a bad rating.

Not necessarily.

Gig title is only the gig title. You should consider the description of the gig to see how 12h is managed to deliver, not only the title.

That’s the mistake which many buyers commit, reading only the advertising and not the real requirements.

If the title says “in 12 hours” but the description then says “in 24 hours”, I believe the title would count as false advertising. Buyers should read the description, but don’t put 12 hours in the title unless you will always deliver within 12 hours.

Otherwise, your service is “not as described” and I’m almost certain Fiverr Customer Support would cancel it in the event that you took 13+ hours to deliver.

Simple. Just deliver the order in 12 hours and forget about the clock.

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It’s not a false advertising if the buyer have an option to buy 12h delivery (like a gig extra).

It would be false advertising, if in the gig description he says he will deliver in 12h and in the end he didn’t.

exactly, as described. Title isn’t the description of the gig. Buyers MUST consider the description, not the title.

For example:
Lets imagine a gig title “I WILL DESIGN YOU A LOGO”. You MUST read all de description, because may have many restrictions for this (like not accepting sketches, for example).

The title isn’t the full description of the gig. You must not confuse title with advertising.

Buyer can cancel order if order is late.

Thanks guys helping me out…:+1::slightly_smiling_face: I think I got the answer.