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Gig title should not be duplicate

I don’t know duplicate titles affect gigs rating or SEO. But i think it should not be duplicated.
My gigs were going down from few weeks. I searched in Fiverr and saw there are many new gigs with same name.
And it can be one of the reason that my gigs start loosing impressions.

I changed my gigs title to see the results and impressions start increasing.
I start getting messages and orders too.

Is there should be any rule to not duplicate the title? What you think mates?

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Not practical I’m afraid - there are a limited number of ways to write (for example)
I will design a logo

If you banned duplicate titles, it would limit the number of gigs of that type which could be sold, reduce the amount of money Fiverr would make etc.


It’s not a problem, but always be creative. Please Never try to use others titles and description.


Pretty bad idea. Everyone should end up using synonyms and then at the end no one would be able to select gig titles lol

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Yeah, But at-least there should be one word changes.

Because sometimes a new seller just copy paste whole gig of any top rated seller and that affect on gigs.

Is not it?

Even i saw, some sellers just used same images from other sellers gigs.

Completely agree about copying gig descriptions and images etc. :sunny:

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What nonsense? Most gig titles are same.

Fiverr or any other marketplace you must show your creative and professional performance. It’s help you to exist in the marketplace in a longtime But if you copy others project you can’t exist in marketplace for a longtime.

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Coping is bad if it’s exactly same from other sellers gig.

At least try to change it into own words and use own work example portfolio.

You can see, there are many sellers with same title and descriptions and they have no order yet.
And later they are going to say that Fiverr is waste of time because they didn’t get any order.

So try to use unique Titles.

Absolutely agree with you. :+1:

While most sellers try to write a creative gig title, there will be times where two or more people write the same thing.

There are many theories of effective gig titles, let’s look at a few examples:

I will create a great logo.

I will create a great logo in 3 days

I will design a quality logo

I will design a retro logo with 2 free revisions

I will design 2 logos in 3 days

My favorite is the last one.

Design implies you’re not using a logo generator, 2 makes you a bit more competitive without giving the store away (and if the client hates logo A, maybe he likes logo B), and 3 days answers questions about how long it will take.

Besides, there aren’t that many synonyms for design, logo, etc, and using unpopular keywords doesn’t make sense, unless you create a duplicate gig.

By the way, duplicate gigs should be different. Someone having one gig for retro logos and another gig for minimalist logos looks smart. Having two logo gigs for the same thing looks dumb in my opinion.


Yes, Exactly.
We should use our creativity while creating gigs.

If you stand out different than other sellers then only buyer’s going to order.
But problem is that sometimes a seller have no idea that he/she creating a gig with existing title.
That’s why i thought there should be a rule and Fiverr should alert the seller with duplicate title.

Cadbury makes chocolate, Mars makes chocolates. Basically “I will make chocolate”. That’s a title. This thread makes no sense but if you did say “should not duplicate descriptions” then it’s fair enough. Some Images used by professional gigs are items which are created by others who have been allowed to resell :slight_smile: So you can judge them like that