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Gig Title

I’m having the stuffiest of time trying to fill in the Gig title!! What are “illegal characters”?

Seems like a lot of wasted time for a title!!!

Why doesn’t Faverr have an explanation of what " illegal characters" are???

I just tried it without a “period”.

It worked!! Wierd!!

Thanks and moving on.

Keep that box of tissue handy and might want to put my name on it.

Thanks again, madmoo!!


Thank you, Ang.

Nice meeting you and appreciate the support.


Hi Larry! Maybe you can check here to get some helpful tips and secrets for Fiverr Success! You will learn how to create your Gig title and more here.

Hello, venchi.

Nice meeting you and thank you for the heads up.

Appreciate ya helping me get formular with getting around fiverr.