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Gig titles and tags

Many, if not all, of my gigs have at least one tag that is also in the name of the gig. When someone searches for a gig (i.e. I have a “Edit your green screen” gig) will the fiverr search engine look for both my gig title and tags meaning that I’m wasting a tag by repeating my title or does it only search for tags meaning that just about any well designed gig will have a tag that repeats part of the title?

Thank you,

Cyreous Media


This is an old thread. I’m not sure why it’s been bumped but the question was asked three years ago.

But since it wasn’t answered then, I may as well say that you almost certainly do need to use a tag that is the same as your gig title, because tags have their own separate search system. Unless things are different here on fiverr, which I think is unlikely.

Fiverr search engine not used Gig tags, They are used for Google search engine.

They’re used here on fiverr to let buyers search for particular services.