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Gig Titles Being Rejected Repeatedly

Four days ago, I made a minor change in my primary gig title to reflect some important additional experience for National Geographic and NPR. The new title was flagged as incoherent. So I changed it back to what it was before and has been for a year now. This time the original title was flagged as incoherent. I’ve tried two more titles since then, and each gets flagged and shut down. I’m now 4 days without my any gigs on Fiverr, which is my only source of income. No help yet from tech support. Any suggestions?

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Wait for Fiverr support.

so what are the tittles, before and after?

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Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies? This often solves issues with gig editing and is the first thing support will tell you to do.

What are you selling? If you are not an official representative of either organization you mention, Fiverr might not like you using their brand names.