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Gig to be delivered when?

Newbie question here again (sorry last one tonight)
When a gig says deliver in 3 days… is that meant 3 days from starting or 3 days from agreeing on final design (which could really be weeks or even months later)?

It is 3 days from the moment you provide the instructions for the gig you purchased.

The seller will have a countdown timer that runs for 3 days, after which the seller will get a Late Warning notice if they don’t deliver within those 3 days, and if the seller didn’t deliver within 3 days then you will have the right to cancel the order for not getting it on time.

However, the seller has the option to ask you for a time extension and extend the delivery time - but only if you agree to the time extension request :wink:


oh my goodness thank you for your quick reply.

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It’s not allowed to offer a service that takes more than 30 days to deliver.