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Gig "Tweaking"


This has been bothering me for quite some time now. Every time I create a new gig, I have to spend at least 1 day dealing with Gig “Tweaking”. I have sharp images, I own the rights to the images, the images are JPEGs and under 2MB, the images represent my services, and yes, THEY ARE 682x459!!! Then you go and tell me that my pictures aren’t high res? Then let me upload them as PNGs!!! Seriously… what the heck Fiverr! I’ve met ALL of your dumb requirements, just let my Gig go public! Surely I’m not the only one suffering from this am I?


Yes, every time you create a stream of income there is some work. It’s regular, ordinary, and reasonable, to me.


I think it’s irritating too. I can never please the fiverr picture rules the first time through. I feel your pain :-w


Yes, me too… even after several editing, my gig denied.

so confusing.


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