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Gig ULR doesn't changed till now

yesterday i have to change my gig title and keywords. then am watiting 24Hrs to keep updation for fiverrs costomer care but still doesnt change my ULR i dont know hows it change my current Title into ULR… i need help would you know ?

As far as I know the URL will not change. Even if you change the tags or title. if you want a different URL recreate the gig.


Your title is incorrect - it should be url.

When gigs are created the url is fixed. You can change the title of the gig and even the seo title, if offered. But the url doesn’t change.

If you want a different url for your gig, you’ll have to pause/delete the current one and create a new one.


okey thank you …
if i have keep this URL and current title is any problem? i mean its effect to my buyers or

thank you for your replying …
but the URL will never change is it ?

The URL is fixed. Like coerdelion said, you can pause/delete the gig and create a new one


okey, is there any problem for getting buyers or ranking my gig ?

We are not here to do your work for you. Any help you receive here is generous … but you need to do stuff for yourself.


thank you for your replying , i respect your words but again i asked its effects for me getting orders ?

I suggest what you do now is read the tos, all the help files Fiverr supplies and use the search bar above to find useful posts to help you. That’s what I did … and so did most of the successful sellers here.

Bear in mind that many sellers here are your competitors. Any help given at all is more than generous … but you will have to do stuff for yourself.

To be a successful freelancer, you need to be prepared to help yourself, rather than relying on other people.


okey thank you for your valuable information… thanks lot