"Gig Unavailable" Said the Buyer


So I searched in the forums already, but none of the ones I have found and read can really answer my question.

I had a buyer wanting to buy one of my new gigs, when she clicked on the Order Now she said it was "currently unavailable."
I don’t want to look like a fool, so please know that I did try to find the answer somewhere on here, I even googled it. If you have already come across this problem and found the answer here I would love to see the link so I can read it too! Haha.
I sent her a custom order and that worked fine. My questions are, how many buyers are attempting to order and are unable too? Is this due to the new update?


Which gig was she trying to buy?


you need search your gig from another pc then you sure what is the problem ■■■■■■/gJRCCV


She was trying to buy a the Book Title gig. Sorry for the late response, I was working. Haha!


I will definitely do that!! Thank you!


Don’t know why but on my side I am actually able to order without any issues, I didn’t order but I went til the last step. maybe It could have been a browser issue.


Ya that must have been it. I can’t see anything else that might have been the problem. Thank you so much for checking! I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me! Seriously, the people here are always ready to help each other. Thank you again!!
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