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Gig Unavailable?

Hi guys, how’s the weekend going? So, I just sealed a deal, and i’v decided to share it with you.

A japanese DJ saw my gig video and decided it was exactly what he wanted. So, he sent me a DM. While we were talking, I asked him to ahead and order th gig. Then the funny thing happened, albeit temporarily.

He buzzed me immediately to tell me that Fiverr said the gig is unavailable. I was shocked. Obviously, I asked him to try again, he eventually placed the order after being told my gig wasn’t available 3 more times.


  1. Always stay online. If iwasnt online, i’d probably lose the deal.

  2. Communicate with your buyer in a pleasant and courteous manner

Apparently, my previous post has truly confirmed the fact that is having some issues. Yes, I thought it was just Buyer Request page and the mobile App. Obviously the entire site could be having som tech issues.

Regardless, Fiverr is my home. And I’m not going anywhere!

Great…happy for you. i hope fiverr tech sorts the site issue asap cos its really affect the newbies like me who needs to sell our gig.

I’ve seen some strange stuff lately. Especially the app vs the site. Glad you managed to get it go thru.

Yeah u r right.

I had a long time client who was unable to start his order for over an hour of steady trying. He said every time he entered the needed information he got a blank page and the order wouldn’t start.

Have you experienced it yourself?

Wow… this is worse that I thought. Hope your client eventually succeeded?

Yes finally. I could see that he was trying because I got messages “your order was updated by (buyer’s name)” each time he tried.

I’m wondering what Fiverr tech is doing about this … really not cool for business

Thanks for the info.

This happened to me as well and glad I was online too at that time… but who knows how many orders we have already missed because of such issues :confused:

Well such losses happens in every business