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Gig under review for nothing

So today i reported another gig who stole my gig picture, even still with my fiverr account name on it.
When i came home and found out that i got a warning for a misleading gig title.
It was " I will translate german to english and english to german".

I did over 40 orders and i am near lvl 2 and with good reviews, how is this misleading?

At the moment the gig is removed and under review.
Could be that the other gig owner reported my gig, dunno.

Overall its just annoying.

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CS might have flagged the wrong gig (your gig instead of the gig of the seller who copied your gig image).

You could create a support ticket about the issue, maybe asking why your gig has been flagged, ie. saying that your gig is actually for translation between English and German so the title is accurate.

Thanks for your reply!

I wasnt sure if i should just wait for the review or send a ticket now.
But i guess its better to be safe and send a ticket. I dont really want my gig to be deleted and start from scratch.