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Gig under review Problem

I created a gig few days ago. Then the gig was under review by Fiverr team then 24 hours later this gig was published. But, again this gig is active but under review. Can you explain why create the problem once again.
for this reason my gig doesn’t appear in search also the gig lose impression and click.


you can knock to fiverr help and support

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i did it but they have no response.

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Just wait dear bro… of course i will get solutions

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Thank you…

When did you knock them?
It may take the fiverr support team up to 10 business days to process and review your ticket.

3 days ago…

Okay then. Wait for another week or so. You’ll get the solution to your problem by then.

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Hi there! I wanted to share something I know about these issues… Sometimes, gigs just get lost in the database and the only solution is to contact CS and they will involve Moderators and get your gigs back on track.

Also, Fiverr is currently working on new improvements about answering the customers faster, so I hope you will get a response in timely manner.

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