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GIG url and GIG title not the same

Hello :wink:

I have changed the title of my GIG ( the previous one didn´t describe my GIG as well as this new one ) … and now I have a GIG url and GIG Title that don´t match …

any ideas on how to solve this issue ?

thank you

European Girl



The URL cannot be changed.


Does that mean I have to create a new Gig for the same Gig , to get the new url ?

When you “plan” your gig(s) you should think about the URL, its keywords and how it will explain the gig to a buyer.

You certainly can create a new gig to replace the old gig if you want, and then suspend or delete the old gig.

Every time you create a new gig its like starting over. Getting it approved, waiting for it to get indexed etc.