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Gig vanished from search

My gig gets vanish from the search result and not showing, even on the last page. Any solution?
would be great if you share the reason.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Search the forum.

It’s called gig rotation. There are millions of gigs, so other people are given their time to shine, you already had yours.


Search with the specific keywords of your gig. You may find it


I tried . But can not able to find it anywhere , i mean that totally vanished

I notice that all new gigs are ranked on the first page where was mine. But , i don’t know why totally vanished also my gig promotion has been stopped . :frowning: Really upset i am

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As I said. They are rotating gigs so everyone has the opportunity to get orders.

That being said, some people with good performance, lots of orders and stuff remain at the top. But most people end up rotated. You can blame covid, the pandemic locked people and the number of freelancers is up to 5 times higher for some categories.

There were 19k writers in articles and blog posts. Now guess what, they are over 50k

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Hey, try to search with you title and keyword. And try to search with filter.

Which one is missing?

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Searching with your seo gig title…

first one (T-shirt design which was ranked on the first page since 4-5 month)

Thank you for your comment :slight_smile: No logic on your suggestion . No problem. thank you

What? You got prime premium spot for 5 months?

Oh, you have 10 orders in queue.

Most of us have that in two months.

Maybe you got a private negative review that pushed you out.

Oh really ! May be. So how can i improve ?

Deliver your 10 orders flawlessly and keep communication with clients extra professional.


I face this problem many times and also I solve it. First, go to your dashboard then Scroll down and click help and support then scroll down and click view all topics then click submit a request button and then select Gig then select my gig doesn’t appear in search, and then select your gig. If you can see your result is Active that’s fine or If you can your gig active but they tell you to contact them that time you can contact them and you can tell them your gig does not appear on search please solve my problem and then you get tricked after that they will solve your problem. Thank you.


I am share this solution you can find it bottom all reply.