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Gig Video Denied


Hey guys,

I made a new gig and created a video that was recently denied by Fiverr. Would you take a look and let me know how I can get this video approved? I assume I need to hire someone to create original content since 2 pictures in the video are not mine (a Stranger Things logo Generator and a terminator picture from google).

But my main question would be about the ‘inspired libraries’ I’m creating. Am I allowed to hire someone here on Fiverr to design similar pictures to replace the ones I don’t own?
It would be something like a terminator character, Batman and something that kinda looks like out of Stranger Things (the show).
Or would it still get denied because the pictures are based on popular media?

The other footage in the video should be clear to use for commercial purposes since I checked the licenses.

By the way, on the musical side I know I’m safe since the inspired libraries are only going to be capturing the sound and style of the originals. However the musical arrangements and composition will be my own.



right off the bat, your main problem is that this video is 1:38 long.

your video needs to be just under 1 minute to be approved.

I really don’t think it’s a copyright thing. not with fiverr anyway. :slight_smile:


Interesting. I didn’t know about the length limitations. I’ll try making it shorter and see how it goes.

Thanks a lot!