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GiG Video Denied?

Hi Admin ,How are you ?.I posted video my New GiG I will have your loves ones images in HD quality calendar frame

But Sir it was denied .Sir Kindly tell what is the problem with the video.It will help me to make changes …
Waiting for Response …

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

If your gig has been denied you will normally have been given a reason.

The gig you posted above is active and can be purchased.

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My Friend , GiG Is active but the GiG Video Is Denied without any message regarding why it removed ?

GIG Video Denied

“Sir” + “Friend” = don’t, just don’t…

The message explains exactly why it was removed.

Check this out:

1st of all the Video is of Calendar it can not be landscape.Yes secondly i will change the file format .

I change the file format .Now it showing .Thank you @Fiverr Team and lloydsolutions .