GIG VIDEO: Does Showing Your Face REALLY Increase Sales?


Hey guys!

I know Fiverr came out with a stat that gigs with videos increase sales by up to 220%. I personally haven’t tested this since I’ve never created a video for ANY of my gigs. I’m contemplating about it already though.

Sales have been so slow, despite all the effort I put in creating my ad materials (images, description). I think maybe putting a video will help somehow.

The question is: Should I just shoot a video myself and appear on the video, or do I use a whiteboard animation / hire some hot chick to promote my gig?

Does anyone have any experience/observations when it comes to putting Videos on your gigs?

Any inputs are greatly appreciated!


Captain Five


Hi Captain Five,

For me, videos definitely made a difference. Fiverr, I believe, ups your impressions if you place a video on your gig so it pays off for sure. I didn’t receive much attention from buyers until I placed videos on my gigs, so it worked like a charm for me.

I don’t think you need a “hot chick” to do your videos at all. As a female buyer, as well as a seller, that might even be a turn off if I were interested in buying your gig and I saw some chick promoting you when in reality I want to know what YOU offer. But I suppose some guys might be drawn to it. Just depends on the crowd you hope to bring in.

To answer your question: YES I recommend placing a video on your gig. At the very least it can’t hurt your business. Any video is better than none, so simply sitting in front of a camera and speaking might be enough to improve your conversions.

Good luck!



Yes videos sell. Make it more personal by doing it yourself. Doing this will let buyers know that YOU are responsible for your gig, and they can get a feeling of your love for what you do.

Not only this but across business in general putting a face with a voice relaxes your customers… In this case a face with your gig provider will go far.


Reply to @gingerwriter:

Thank you for your very detailed answer! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I agree with what you said about using “hot chicks”. I’m not really a fan of that, I was just wondering how people here really perceive such.

I’ll probably work on a video real soon. I’m itching to jumpstart my Fiverr career after a 2 year hiatus. Hopefully I get right back on track.

Thanks again Ginger!


Reply to @ardicus:

Hey there ardicus, thank you for your insights!

I agree with building a personal relationship with the customer through a self-made video. I’m a marketer and I know this really works with customers. Actually, I find it silly that I even had to ask if videos “really” increase sales, because I know for a fact that even outside of Fiverr, it greatly boosts our marketing efforts.

I guess I was just a bit hesitant to go on camera. I’m a bit shy. HAHA.


Well I can say my gigs with videos increased sells by 70% from the start so go figure lol.


I might suggest a combo…maybe some shots with you speaking and then overlayed ontop of graphics that work for each gig specifically. I think it you were t make a video with just you, I always find the gigs from sellers like that to look odd, that all gigs have the same face/play button on them.

I would maybe test one or two. Maybe shoot some footage of yourself, figure out some other images/graphics to use for the gig, and the maybe get someone else to edit it together to look slick. Your gigs look pretty good at first glance visually when going to your page.


p.s. - also, for each gig that you do, do research a good handful of top sellers in each category similar to you and view any videos they have just for inspiration. Not to copy but to get your mind going on what you can do to really step up to the plate. Sellers are already doing what you are proposing so see what is out there.

gingerwriter said: iverr, I believe, ups your impressions if you place a video on your gig so it pays off for sure.

Definitely. Adding a video generates a large number of impressions, which means you're turning up in search results more often. Also, I can confirm that Fiverr's search ranking system likes "fresh" videos, so you should update your video often. I like to update my videos monthly.


i ordered a whiteboard explainer video… Uploaded it yesterday. i will keep you updated if it helped. I also did that because i hesitate to get infront of a cam. That was my alternative



I was actually contemplating ordering 30 second whiteboard animation videos with some of the earnings I made in the last month. So if it helps, I just might do that.


For his profile: "I’ve copywritten major campaigns for major brands. "

Really? Because I’m a copywriter, we don’t copywrite, we WRITE. Copywriter is a noun, “copywrite” is not a verb, it’s a word that doesn’t exist. Copyright is the legal stuff which we don’t do. Copyright 2015 for example.

To answer your questions:

  1. Don’t use your face if it’s ugly, take the picture from far away, do a full body or a head and shoulders

  2. Don’t use a logo unless you are a company

  3. Don’t appear on video unless you have a nice sounding voice and look good on camera. Sometimes it’s better to hire a professional


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Hey there! Appreciate your comment.

Want to know something funny? I GOOGLE’d that because I wasn’t comfortable using that word. After some time, I referred to “Wiktionary” which states that copywritten is a past participle of copywrite, so I went ahead with it. But yeah, I know it’s PROBABLY not a real word, and I should’ve just used “written copy”, which I now will be doing, so thank you!

If you have time, feel free to check my other sentences too. Since you’re a copywriter, maybe you’d get a hint that I’m not BS’ing here either. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m not sure if I look good on camera, but we’ll see. I might shoot a video real soon.

Thanks though! More power. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips, everyone!

I guess video really is the way to go. I’ll shoot one soon, and I’ll come back here and post if it improved my sales.


Yes, it does


i am new to feverr, i have not posted any gig with video and my sale is very slow, can anyone suggest me how can i increase my sell as i am in a great need of money


I personally haven’t really used videos in my gigs yet because I liked my thumbnail graphics… but I think I am jumping on board with it now… I’d like to ramp up my sales and everyone seems to say that video is 1 big factor in doing that…


Reply to @captainfive: Actually, your other sentences were written well. I just got suspicious because nobody I know in advertising uses copywritten, but then again, what happens in America doesn’t always happen in the rest of the English-speaking world.

Good luck with your video!


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

And you’re definitely right! Haha, it was a hiccup. Ever had that feeling that you kinda know there’s no such word but you play around the thought a little? I guess I just pulled the trigger prematurely.

But hey, thanks!! Appreciate it a ton!


Reply to @captainfive: No problem. My pleasure. :slight_smile: