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Gig Video Error

Cant Understand this Error . After Uploading my video in my profile Fiverr send me this Error .Please Describe about it if you understand this error .

Thank you


translation missing: en.video_deny_reasons.deny_reason_[“0”, “6”].text


Only CS can help you - they’ll be able to tell you what the error code means hopefully. :sunny:

What is CS cant understand … ?
Thanks for reply @offlinehelpers … I was waiting at least 30 mins no one reply me except you .

CS = customer services =

Maybe there wasn’t anybody around who felt they could help?

Thanks again @offlinehelpers :slight_smile: can you tell me about gig video ? i mean i am new seller . i have heard in forum that gig video is very helpful for boost your gig ranking , Is that true ? should i make a video again ?

Find out what the error message meant first form CS.

A gig video can help, but it depends what your gig is offering - there are some gigs which may not need a video and gig images can convey what you do better than a video can.

understand it cleearly thanks again… :slight_smile:

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