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Gig video-Halp!


So I finally created a video gig and uploaded the video, but it has been way more than 24 hrs. I have followed all the rules, but still nothing and it’s been 3 days. I decided to cancel the upload and try again, still nothing!

I am so frustrated. This gig is brand new and some how I ended up with 5.6K impressions. I am worried because I am offering a video as the gig, but with no video! What’s the deal?


I think I am answering my own question…maybe the format?


Ok, I’ll hold out a little longer. Thanks for the info!


I’ve been waiting 3 weeks. First they told me it didn’t mention exclusively on, even though it is on there throughout the entire video in a lower third bar. So I put a voice over saying it very first thing in the video. They reviewed it again and told me it didn’t say exclusively on Third time (2 days ago) they told me they made a mistake and were looking at the wrong video. And that mine was approved. Well, it’s still not up. As a level 2 seller on here for 3 years, I would expect better customer service.


Wow, that is terrible! I’m sorry to hear that. It’s great they review the videos, but obviously someone is not doing their job!


By the way, I had the video in the wrong format. It uploaded right away once I went to mp4. Just in case anyone wonders if I found a resolution :slight_smile: