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Gig Video Image?

Hello everyone! :hugs:
For my Gig I inserted a video created by me. How can I put it as the main image of my Gig?
Thank you so much to everyone!

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I do not think you can. :thinking:

Hello, from what you know you have to ask for help directly to Fiverr 'cause there are rules to respect veterans fiverr. Let me explain: If you already have clients or positive feedback level, Fiverr rewards this and gives you the possibility to use other options as well. Maybe your video may not be appropriate or you’re not a veteran fiverr, so you need to try and contact the staff and ask for the best things. Let us know how it went

Do you mean to make the video your thumbnail for the gig? That’s done automatically.

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If a gig has a video, the video’s thumbnail automatically becomes the image that gets shown to users in Fiverr searches (it might take some time for this to happen, eg. for the search engine to update).

You can set the particular frame of the video thumbnail image using the option in the gallery.

If you want to put a frame from the video as your gig image, you’d have to export a frame of it yourself (eg. using your video editing software, or you could take a screenshot) and upload that and put that as your gig image (ie. upload it. I think you’d have to delete the current gig image first).