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Gig video is constantly being removed?

I have been waiting for my Gig to be approved for nearly two days. Only for me to find out today that my video had been removed by the Trust & Safety team. I was the sole creator of the video and yet it was taken down. It includes both audio and video. Can someone tell me what is happening?

We’ll need more information on that. How about you upload the video to youtube and post here so we can see?

Yeah, we would need to see the video to assess what might have happened.

What did the message from Fiverr say in relation to this?

I’ve edited the original question with a link to the video

Hmm… I’m not sure what’s going on. Does that footage have copyright?

It’s a video of a US plane - 2nd world war, I think - on it’s way to bomb somewhere, presumably … includes the sound of the engine. No indication of what it’s for - just the video. The title is “War Thunder”.

Your video has to relate to your gig …

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The title isn’t War Thunder, it’s “War Thunder B-25 WWII edit”. My gig is making these kinds of videos. That’s why I am not understanding why it’s getting removed

The video has no indication of how or in what way it relates to your gig. That’s what’s wrong with it. I just looks like a clip from an old newsreel …

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But what do you mean by “making these kinds of videos”? You didn’t make that video, right? It already exists. There’s not a lot of editing going on either.

Yes, I did make the video. From recording the gameplay to editing it, it was created by me

Wow, that’s gameplay? Not actual footage? Very impressive! Maybe make that more evident in the video, show what you’re doing from start to finish. Right now it just looks like world war 2 footage with no work done. I think that’s the problem - but on the other hand is a huge compliment to your work. Very realistic!

  1. Your gig video has to actually explain the gig itself. It isn’t a place to only put a sample with no context.

  2. It sounds like the sample isn’t even yours and probably stock footage, unless you went on location and took footage of a plane taking off…

Re-read his post above. It’s gameplay footage edited (very well) to look like a real WWII film. Great work, apparently fooled us all!

Must be what @coerdelion then – no context in the video about the gig or what it includes.

Yes, it’s so well made you can’t even tell it’s edited gameplay. Huge compliment to his skills, not very useful as a gig video. I suggest turning it into a before - after, showing the raw screen capture and then transitioning into the edited video.


Maybe that is also part of the reason. Maybe Fiverr assumed it was stock footage.

But I think the lack of gig context in the video itself would explain the removal.

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He has no active gigs that I can see, so I can’t comment on gig context or lack thereof… If the rest of the gig was clear, even that video should be passable. It’s an accurate representation of his work, after all.

You wouldn’t need to. The issue is that the video didn’t have context re the gig and you saw the video so you would see that it lacked context.

This may be helpful to you:

Edit: Also this one:

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