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Gig video not approved

I’ve created my gig since past 3weeks now and my video is not showing on my gig… Whenever I check it, it says waiting for approval, I wonder how long that’s gonna take, and for this reason I’m not getting any order… Cos I do animation videos and people will try to see my work first before they order. . Please help me out in this situation…

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Please be patient. It will or will not be approved, whenever Fiverr clears your video. It is not an immediate process, and I’m sure Fiverr has plenty of other gigs and videos to look over as well.

Hi there @irockvfx. Sorry to hear this, and I think 3 weeks approval is way to long, to be honest??? My videos has been approved in less than 2 hours. Try to upload it once more and add Fiverr on your File description before uploading your files, mp4 etc! Also try to add something like ‘‘Exclusively on Fiverr’’ in your video’s. It helps! Good luck!! Sincerely, Humberto

OK… Thanks… I appreciate it

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Do you mean I should rename my video to ‘fiverr’ or add fiver into the video?

Yes indeed!! Add something clever and catchy ‘‘Buy now on Fiverr’’ or as I described earlier. Good luck!

Thanks bro… I appreciate it

No problem, let me know if it works!! Cheers!! Good luck!!

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