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GIG Video Pending Approval (Issue)

Hi fiverr team,

I am facing a issue with the GIG video. It’s pending approval for the video. I have sent some custom offers to a client and need to send some more to an other client. My GIG video was live before i just wanted to update it. Some how i forgot that GIG video should be within 60 secs so after 2 tries 3 time i remember because i read the mail carefully. But the problem is it’s taking to much time to approve at first team sent the strike within 2-3 hours an now i reduce my GIG video time but team is not responding from more than 12 hours. Kindly please help me because the client i want to send custom offers need bulk order so if will not be able to send the request he will contact someone else. Thanks! waiting for a positive response.


Contact CS. This forum is not managed by the CS Team. or just wait for 24-48 maximum. Sometimes it happens. It’s not only about the timing, it’s also about the content you are showing in the video or any other thing. Maybe Fiverr needs some more time to approve or reject your video because it needs a special attention.

Hello! I am new to fiverr and I am having the same problem with a gig, I uploaded the video 3 days ago and it was not approved yet, any idea what I can do?

I also have the same issue and the customer services request isn’t going through

Don’t Worry. Fiber will review the video then your Video will be published.

Don’t Worry. Fiber will review the video then your Video will be published very soon.