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Gig Video Quality

Hello everyone!
Here is the question- I’m a video editor and it’s hard to make a good quality video for a gallery, cause it’s limit 50 MB. But I saw some videos, that really looks great. How could I achieve the same results?


It must be a compromise between video length and bitrate.

Unfortunately, there is no other way around.

No :slight_smile:
I asked because I saw same length of video of my concurents, but quality much-much more better, I’m pretty sure there is something I don’t know

I see.

You mean much better content :grinning:

Technically, it could be codec (H.264 or H.265), resolution, bitrate and length.

Can you share a sample somehow? I would love to see what much much better quality you are talking about.

I will have a look at it but it is not allowed to share those links here.

You would need to move topic to category “My Fiverr Gigs” and delete those that are not yours.

Can you delete it please? Was my mistake to ask for that. Thanks.

Whoopsy :slight_smile:
Anyway, I believe, that it should be some way to improve gig video quality and stand to the limit at 50 mb