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Gig video requirement?!

Why is now Gig video required for video category? I am user for two years and gig videos were never required for my gig to be online, but now they are unpublished because i don’t have video. I think this is stupid change, because i don’t need video, since i’m selling my gigs without it.
Also i’m trying to add video whole day but your staff is constantly rejecting it. What do you want to be in video? I followed all the rules, but it’s still rejected.

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If you’re selling video services, they’re now wanting you to have a video as part of the gig - I don’t see a problem to be honest.

Your video that’s being rejected - is it between 30-60 seconds in duration with sound, preferably with ‘exclusively on’?


Firstly, you’re not talking to Fiverr here, you’re just talking to other users like yourself.

Secondly, you might find this useful