Gig video sample - PROCESSING VIDEO


I created a gig with a sample vid, and although the system said that the video would be reviewed and should be posted Within a couple of days, it’s been nearly a week and my dashboard says it it’s still processing the video. I haven’t published the gig yet, because I don’t want to publish it with no video sample. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


If it’s been a week and it still says “processing video”, even after refreshing the page, I’d re-upload it.

It shouldn’t take more than about 24 hours to process and for staff to accept it (it may take longer to accept it over the weekend/on Friday night to the weekend). I think the processing itself shouldn’t take that long, especially since gig info videos don’t even need to be HD (once processed and stored they’re less than HD resolution).


Thx. I have created several gigs, and several of them have taken multiple days for the video sample to be posted. This one longer than the others.