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Gig Video Settings do not work


Hey Community,

I have got a little question. I uploaded a video for my Gig yesterday and now I want to set one second of this video as my thumbnail, but it doesn´t work. The settings will not be accepted. I just went on edit Gig -> gallary -> Set your video preview, I stoped the video at the second and then I clicked on “Set as preview” but the thumbnail-settings won´t be accepted.

I also want my Video as the primary “Gig preview” but this doesen´t work, too.

Can you please help me with this problem? I have no idea how to solve this problem.

Best regards,


It can take quite a while for the new thumbnail to show up.
Also, make sure you view the page after a force refresh (ctrl-F5). You might be looking at the cached thumbnail.

(The one I see on your gig is you holding up two fingers)


Thanks for your help :slight_smile: Now its like I wanted to have it