Gig Video Size? Width & Height? Resolution?


I did a search and did not find a clear answer about this.

I am a seller here at fiverr and I would like to know the exact;
Gig Video Size? Width & Height? Resolution?

I wrote to fiverr support and they never got back to me about this, and as far as I can see nobody has a clear correct answer about this.

I did a video for my gig description and when I watch it on my PC it’s top quality, uploaded to fiverr as a gig description video, and the video has lost a lot of quality and looks very blurred. Pointless to have it there at that quality.

does anyone know a clear answer to this?

Thank you


due to Net connect or Display card Problem check other people if they answer video is clear . then you must have these problem i upload video on gig all kind of size 1340 /740/1030 but i have not problem like you motion. Send me link or your video i see it


I am making a new video because the one I have is not good quality, I’m also doing the new video with other added things to it, so hopefully I’ll work out the best size and display a good quality.


I personally have the same problem , no idea as to what size is allowed to be uploaded


still not resolved! does anyone who has a good solution to this?


I upload 1280 x 720 with no problems for my gig videos, 1920 x 1080 work fine as well.


Gig Video Size? Width & Height? Resolution?

I would guess it gets encoded at about 848x478 and displayed on the website at 848x470. Maybe.


It should be larger than 720p (For the sake of quality) in a size of 16:9 ratio.
Anything in that ratio above the size - 816x459.

I upload mine at 1280x720.


I’m having same problem…!!!..