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Gig Video - Suggestion Needed


I Just made a Gig Video for my Business Card Gig.
I am little bit confused. is my Video is suitable for my gig?
What’s your recommendation?
Here is my Gig Link:


Yes it looks good. Maybe change the “100% quality controled” to “100% quality controlled”.
In “Welcome To my Business Card Emporium” maybe the “To” should be lower case?

the “…in Cheap Price” doesn’t sound grammatically correct. Maybe change to “…for a low price” or something.
Maybe the “You are in Right Place” could be “You are in the Right Place”.
Maybe change the “* Full Time Revision” to say “* Unlimited Revisions” if that’s what it means.
I’m not sure all the images used are totally relevant to business cards (eg. the one 11 secs in).


Thanks, Man. Really appreciate it. I will fix it in future. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Nice comment done by you.