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Gig Video - Suggestion Needed

I Just made a Gig Video for my Business Card Gig.
I am little bit confused. is my Video is suitable for my gig?
What’s your recommendation?
Here is my Gig Link:

Yes it looks good. Maybe change the “100% quality controled” to “100% quality controlled”.
In “Welcome To my Business Card Emporium” maybe the “To” should be lower case?

the “…in Cheap Price” doesn’t sound grammatically correct. Maybe change to “…for a low price” or something.
Maybe the “You are in Right Place” could be “You are in the Right Place”.
Maybe change the “* Full Time Revision” to say “* Unlimited Revisions” if that’s what it means.
I’m not sure all the images used are totally relevant to business cards (eg. the one 11 secs in).

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Thanks, Man. Really appreciate it. I will fix it in future. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Nice comment done by you.