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Gig video taking 2 weeks to process

Hello all. I added my video on my gig gallery ( on Tuesday the 13th of August, 2 weeks ago. My video is apparently still under review. I made sure that my video follows all guidelines:

  • My video is 36 seconds long, therefore between 10 to 75 seconds
  • My video is 1080p HD quality
  • My video has no copyrighted material in it that I do not have the right to use in a commercial setting
  • My video has no URLs or contact information
  • I did not use any badges
  • My video has audio

Any help would be appreciated!
Kindest regards,
A. Ghiglino


If it’s been 2 weeks it might be worth re-uploading it in case there was a problem, since it should only take no more than a few days to be approved. Or you could check with CS through a support ticket.

Also I’m not sure it’s worth uploading it in 1080p. I think the max it now displays at is 720p (so the 1080p video will probably get converted to 720p anyway).


thank you so much for your response


I think you have to talk with fiverr support team.