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Gig Video Thumbnail/Preview Bug - Unable to change it

Hi, I’ve been trying to change my Gig Video’s thumbnail the whole day and I keep getting the same bug. I’ve noticed one other person has reported the same bug.

Please get this fixed asap.

Thank you.

2020-10-05 22.43.07 46dd77e9afe5


Getting the EXACT same message: “Something went wrong, please try again in few seconds”

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Same Problem Here. Hope they do fix this quickly!


Same here :frowning: Very dissapointing

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Looks like I’m not the only one Fiverr.


yep same here… finally I did a few videos now this bug whaaaaaaaaaat

It been a few days when bug appeared and it’s not fixed yet :frowning:

I wonder if there’s a way to send a message straight to the correct department to hopefully speed up the solving of this problem.

EDIT: I’ve created a support ticket under Report A Bug. You can create one here:
Hopefully that will speed up the fixing of this.

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Thank you, had no idea about the ticket sytem.