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Gig Video under processing more than 48 hours!

I had uploaded a video on my gig and it was under review for the 24 hours, then it shows “Processing Video” for 48 hours and it’s not ended yet. Any thoughts on it?
Thanks in advance!


Hi there @onenazmul, you’re not the first with this problem. I suggest to start over. Add Fiverr to your thumbnail description (before adding a video to your gig). Fiverr seem to lile this kind of things. Also try to add a catchy line such as ‘‘Exclusively on Fiverr,’’ this often helps! good luck!

Warmly, Humberto


thank you so much for your quick help! I am planning to wait some more time to check what happens

remember time is money… hehehe :crazy_face:

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I uploaded a video to a gig of mine which I started more than a month ago, and the video has not been approved yet :slight_smile: Oh Fiverr, you are funny :smiley:

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Hey @flatify, is it under review or under processing?

“Video under review. Please note, this may take up to 24 hours.”

24 hours. Lmao.

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@flatify It’s been more than 48 hours since my gig’s video is under review. I hope I don’t have to wait for this long, as that would hurt my chances of getting an order on my gig. By the way, how long did they make the video available on your gig after that?

You need to shorten your video and/or reduce its filesize and upload it again. If it does not get approved in a couple of hours it will NEVER be approved.

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The video that I uploaded is less than an mb and is only 15 seconds long. Should I delete it from the gig and re-upload it there?

All I did before was publish my gig, and my video got near instant approval. Not sure if you still faced problems after publishing, but I’m leaving this out here just in case.