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Gig Video Update


Hi, been on since 2014 but haven’t used the account in quite a while. QUESTION!?! Updated Gig with new of Gig Video on Sunday (1-20-19) and it still hasn’t been approved as of today. Video should meet approval requirements (under 75 sec). Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for the response!


This may be helpful to you:


Thanks for the reply. Video has been “pending moderation” for a couple of days now. Just trying to find out why it’s taking so long in this case.


Contact Customer Support. They will let you know why it is taking so much time. There is a chance when you message them, they will instantly take the required action.
Click on this link to raise a ticket.
or you can also mail them on


You video is too long.


Thanks for the information!

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