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Gig video upload problem, Plz help!


I wanted to change my gig video but it’s showing “file upload error,please re-upload”…
My video is 58 sec long, under 50 MB and mp4 format…
How can i add this video too my gig.??
Please help…
Thank you,Aron


Check the video name maybe, make it simple and diffrent from the first video you uploaded before


I tried, but same problem…


I have the same problem…


hi guys, I had the same problem… my vid was <50MB, <60 seconds etc…
I tried MOV, AVI, MP4 (AVI because on the site is SAYS Avi… duh…
so, after three customer support people and uploading a small MOV version of my gig video to fiverr directly, three times!!! and, screenshots etc etc etc etc… they eventually referred me to a Tech…

"news this morning? please try a different codec as quicktime MOV is not supported… "


SO! here the good news… I just rendered and tried everything…
and one video uploaded… (the same video, just rendered differently)… it is now <7MB!!!

here is what I used from Sony Movie Studio Platnum… (to make the MP4 movie)

Internet 480p, 4:3 (not 6:9!!)
NTSC 29,970 Frame Rate.
Size 680,480
Variable bit rate video 1.600,000
Average: 800,000

Audio 48Hz, 128bits…

Now, it DID upload and is “processing”… I’ll let you know how it goes…
hope this helps!
William (theviolinist)


Udate: Call me crazy, but I wanted to try another one! So, this time I rendered 1280 , all the other settings the same except Variable bit rate: 2,000,000, Average 1,000,000 , it made me an MP4 of <8MB, full screen, and low and behold, it uploaded… so, THAT one is now awaiting approval… :slight_smile:
good luck, guysngals! hope it helps… I think it may be just a simple PAL/NTSC problem? ie, PAL doesn’t work?? (because all my other videos attempts were PAL…) or, maybe they just fixed the problem? :slight_smile:


ok, update: my gig video passed and is now live…(only took a few hours after re-uploading the larger (still <8MB) video… :slight_smile: so, guysngals, maybe try the settings I used… if you need any more info just say…


you can try by removing special characters from video name and give a simple name like “Video”. and 2nd by clearing all your browser cache, i hope this will surly work for you


Had the exact same problem for days !
Just resolved it by using chrome instead of mozilla :slight_smile:


Thank you theviolinist. These settings helped me to upload video…:slight_smile:


April 2018 and I’m having same file upload error as well. 11MB, 69 sec long, MP4

And the worst is the file uploaded, got the big green check mark as in it is good, and then I get the video upload error…