Gig Video uploading problem


I wanted to upload my Gig Video to the account. After adding it there it showed Pending Moderation in there.
I am bit confused that is it all okk or not ?
Any suggestion for me ???:sob::sob:


Yes - it’s fine. Like I told you yesterday when you asked, it can take several hours for it to be reviewed and approved. It says up to 24 hours in your screenshot. :wink:

Make sure you read:
then if you can’t find what you’re looking for the forum’s the next place to ask! Good luck! :sunny:


Thanks… Again :grinning::grinning:
May I know your original name if you don’t mind ?


I’ve been called by many names over the years! :wink:


My name Nixon
What’s your ?


Hi Nixon! I’m Lorna. :slightly_smiling_face: