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Gig Videos - are they worth it


I know FIVERR recommend using videos on your gig and profile.

Do people find that their orders actually increase if they use gig or profile videos?




Yes they actually do

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Can’t speak for myself yet but I know that I always watch the videos people have put up when I visit someone’s profile and there is a video. Especially when I consider buying something, even better if they have completed works visible (either video or image depending on what they do).

I compeltely agree regarding profile portfolio’s

but the videos seem like a lot of effort for nothing

That depends on what you offer.

If you make videos, yes, having a gig video helps to show what you can do. If you offer something visual, video (plus a great portfolio) can help. If you’re a non-native English speaker offering writing services, or a translator, a video of you speaking in excellent English (or in the languages you offer to translate to and from) can show that you really know the language/languages well.

Also, if people see you speaking in the video, that might help build trust, because they’ll be seeing a real person.

Then again, there are people who do really well without a video.


My thoughts exactly. I’m a graphic designer. So not much need for a video.

Or a brilliant way to show off your designs?

You’re allowed 75 seconds of video - think how many portfolio images you could display! :grinning:!


I agree. I’ve seen top rated sellers in my own category try them and then take them down fairly fast.

Personally, no matter what I’m buying, I decide who to buy from based on the seller’s personality (of course I check out the gig’s description, reviews, etc.).
A video of the seller talking in front of the camera shows their personality better than anything else in a gig or profile.

I choose sellers I feel are easy to communicate with, nice and intelligent.