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Gig Videos Is Better for gig ranking? Please need your suggestions

I am not sure but someone tells me Video is better for gig ranking. Is it true? Please need your suggestions.

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Can’t guarantee that it will get you sales, but this is my point of view. A video is essential, I believe. Me as a buyer would be more interested in who I’m hiring than the services they offer. How do they present themselves? Are they good at communicating? How much do they care about quality? Is it obvious that they shot a video in one take and put very little thought into what they were saying. Did they really try? I’d say that the buyers enjoy the videos. I would wager that sellers with videos are more likely to get returning clients. You are selling yourself as much as the services you offer.


Yes adding video is better for ranking!


Yes it is true :slight_smile:

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Really Helpful. Thanks

Thank You Really Helpful.