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Gig Videos not playing on Facebook


Has anyone else been having this problem? When I share my gig on facebook the video does not play!

It says they are having technical issues, but it never gets fixed. it has been like this for over a year now! Does this with every gig I post as well! This costs me sales I am sure. If the vid doesn’t work they can’t see the services I offer!

Anyone else having this problem?


First thing you could check is whether the video type you used (MP4, MPEG, AVI, Etc) is compatible with both Fiverr and FB. So make sure that it’s an ok format to play on either side.

Else, even if it can play on Fiverr, it might not play on FB.

There could also be some error at work involving proxies or redirects - but for that it’s best to contact Customer Support. The forum isn’t the best place to ask for customer support, since we’re all customers here.


I contacted them a few days ago and have no received a response yet but thanks for the reply