Gig Videos


I submitted a video for one of my Gigs but it was not approved because it did not contain me speaking to the camera about my Gig. I see Gigs all the time that have videos that don’t contain the seller talking to the camera. Can someone explain WHY my video wasn’t approved but the others are?

My video was a professional video - sort of an into/commercial for my Gig.


It’s really painful, I don’t like to appear on camera, I am always feeling uncomfortable to do this ?


I just found out that “Exclsuvely on Fiverr” has to be on the video and I didn’t know it until mine got denied. I made a fuss with cs that there should be a warning near the upload link to make sure you do this, otherwise you’d have no clue.


Reply to @philos: your 100% correct i had a non verbal video which was rejected for the exact same reason and a few edits later my vid was finally approved ! … to be honest i have heard alot about vids bringing in vast more order’s this maybe true for some folks, but i removed my vid as i was doing very well before with just my avatar cover pic !


Reply to @naturalmystic1: You are perfectly correct. The Video MUST state that the gig is available exclusively here on Fiverr. It is not necessary to do a video Image of yourself but rather an indication stating this within the gig.


Does anyone really look at these videos before denying them? I just submitted videos and they were both denied for the same reason:

"not containing a shot of yourself talking to the camera while presenting your gig"

But, that’s exactly what the video is. I’ve emailed support, but got no response. Seriously, does anyone watch these videos?