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Gig view, impression and click

how about your gig’s view, click, and impression? my gig stats is still N/A


I only get N/A too. Pretty bold from me to start selling on fiverr when this bug came up…

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When the orange bar at the top of the page announcing this is showing I would imagine this means that it applies to everyone.

Check this out: Gig analytics issue: causing data to not be shown (Still there and updating)


Same problem here !! :pensive:

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It will be fixed soon, they are working on it.

how you fix it? please explain. how to get in back

You don’t. You can’t fix a site-wide issue. Fiverr will do it.

I did not fix it. I was asked to make mockup GIG calculator and since I do mockup images I made one of my GIGs just for this purpose. Look under this forum under my GIGs introduction section. I will not share link here since that is against TOS. You have full explanation there.

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“Completly”… :slight_smile:

YES hihihi if all is perfect it would be too perfect and then if it is too perfect it rises suspicion…

I am not fine. After 5 days straight on this forum, I am just not fine… I am slowly losing my “professional” side and Monthy Python is kicking in.

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That’s way too much. You need to rest. And read/watch/whatever something that makes sense. :slight_smile: