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Gig views at the beginning


Hi guys,I am new on fiverr and in this forum.
I created some gigs and I have had some views but I actually don’t know if they are ok.
So what about you,how many views did you have at the beginning?
Have you any tips? Please tell me everything you want to share with me.

Thanks : )



Welcome Andreascorrano,
The best thing to do if you have joined and created your gig is to share it with your social audience…


I tried to do it on twitter but only few clicks.
Now I have had under 30 views each,is it a good starting point?
What about your first gig?


Currently you don’t have any Gig displayed.


Suggest you check out: for how to get started on Fiverr.


What?In which sense?


Keep on sharing …for a start 30 views are good …
You need to come up with the strategy; just like running and promoting as a regular business.
Go all out…


But on fiverr there is nothing you can do to promote it.


Have a look:


It is not me
this is my profile:


stay online just you get good job:blush: