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Gig views, clicks, impression down

sunddenly my gig views, clicks, impressions down. I don’t know the reason tell me why? anyone suggest me please!


There seems to be an ebb and flow to all of the gig stats. Some days they are up :arrow_up: and some days they are down. :arrow_down:

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We can’t suggest you what’s the reason because you are the only one who knows your performance, stats, how fast you answering messages, if you are a new seller or not.

There are thousands of reasons and unfortunately we are still not a mind readers.
If you are curious you can just copy your topic title and read hundreds of topics in the exact same issue.


Hello there,
post you gig any social media platform then your gig is booom :slight_smile:

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i have the same situation some time my gig values high and some time gigs go down since fiverr give chance to every seller


i am facing same problem