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Gig views decreasing. Why?!

Hello! My username is “LifeinFlight” and I have a Gig titled “I will write your word or message outdoors in Scrabble letters.” It’s the one with the photo of clovers with the word “luck” on the leaves.

I have had three orders, two in the last week. Both positive reviews! However, the last buyer did not rate me.

Since this last buyer, I have noticed the pageviews and clicks from impressions have gone down. I’m disappointed because I was hoping to get more orders!

Could you click on my gig and look at it? I want to see if my views will go up or if they really are decreasing.


Looked at your gig and looks great and very professional. Make sure to add a video with good shots of scrabble letters if able. Maybe include some freebies or extra photos. good job.