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Gig views dropping steadily for the past 4 months


I’ve been with Fiverr for over 2 years and have always averaged 500 to 600 views for my gigs. But since Sept. I’ve seen a daily drop in gig views. I freshened up my gigs and videos but the drop in views continues. I’ve gone from 600 to 120 views since Sept. Any ideas how to get my view numbers going in the up direction?


There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at the gig analytics, many of these are well known and common sense. As a lot of sellers are experiencing the same thing (judging by the forum posts recently) I would like to offer a slightly different rationale.

Firstly, what are gig views?
Views are literally when someone has viewed your gig. It could be from searching, someone clicking on your profile link here, it could be from a website or social media site where you have posted your link. All of these are counted as views. Those alone can cause huge fluctuations.

Here is the slightly different rationale - In the past year or so that I have been on Fiverr, I have noticed a lot of different newspapers, websites, etc who have mentioned Fiverr and it is fair to say that these will have caused a lot of gig views. A lot of Fiverr promotional efforts, in my opinion, were very general and not specifically targeted at those who are most likely to actually buy here. When I first joined, Fiverr IMO, was seen as a kind of “funny” or novelty site where the $5 concept was the main attraction. In the past 6-9 months, pretty much since packages were properly rolled out, the whole concept of Fiverr has changed.
Now, it seems the promotion of Fiverr is much more focused “Get any Digital service…” and the novelty concept is a lot less pronounced. I see this as a huge positive for most sellers as there are a lot more serious business people and businesses coming here. These people are looking for value but not necessarily the cheapest of the cheap as was the case in the past when “just $5” was the main marketing point.

This change could go a long way to explaining the drop in views. Less “Just Looking” type people will go to a site that is seen as as serious platform. Many, in fact the vast majority, of the views Fiverr has had did not actually lead to sales.
And that is the key point here - views do not mean sales. What you really want is sales, not views. If my concept above is correct, it is likely that we will see a higher conversion rate, lower views and higher value sales. I think this is what Fiverr is aiming for and it will be beneficial for us too!

Please note: I do not have any evidence for this outside of my own observations and assumptions.


Thank-you for taking the time to provide a well thoughtout answer. It makes total sense.
Fiverr has been a great experience and I will keep keeping on. :slight_smile:


Fantastic reply… even i was worried about my gig views …Thanks a lot !


I get where you are coming from but I disagree. For someone who doesn’t have a large presence in social media the traffic Fiverr provides them is their main lifeline. People do come to Fiverr to see what people are offering without actually buying anything rather even other sellers frequently check other sellers gigs.
If you are someone who relies mainly on Fiverr for traffic for your gigs your views matter a lot. Try adding a video to your gig and optimizing for keywords and tags to make it more relevant in Fiverr search.
And remember none of us has any solid information about Fiverr’s traffic. So be on the safe side and try to raise your views.


I have never earned money from my views no matter how many I got, only sales do that. Views matter to Youtubers, not Fiverr sellers.
A lower number of views which are better targeted and therefore from people who are more likely to buy, is preferable to thousands of views from people who just want to see how cheap people offer services.


I would have to agree with you. No matter how many views I get…I still get gigs. I try not to get too caught up in my numbers. I just had never seen my views go so low. But when I think about it, I get just as many gig requests with 600 views as I do with 120 views.
What really makes a difference in the number of gig requests a seller gets is the quality of work and delivering in a timely fashion.