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Gig Views & impressions dropped out of now where

Hi All, is this just me or anyone else is facing the same issue? I have been using Fiverr for last two-three years and always got great views, clicks, or impressions. But last week after one 3 star review from a client all my views suddenly dropped, As I did the rating really quickly and accidentally gave a bad rating since it is not Fiverr policy to ask for the change in the review. Thought my rating is always 5star but i am surprised to see does one bad review can effect ur profile too much?

Are they any recommendations to get my gigs reviews back to normal?


Did you try checking your gig position? Perhaps that might have affected the impressions and clicks? If you noticed your gig position change right after the bad review maybe that would be related… Although it is a Fiverr thing that the algorithm changes gig placement daily…

Actually for the first 3 days, position was the same but after 3 days all my gigs position dropped.

I think it was Fiverr’s algorithm at work more than it was related to the buyer’s rating. They say they really do change gig position daily. Although I can’t quite pinpoint what would be the reason…

I had a similar experience where my gig just didn’t appear in search for 2 days (for no reason – not related to buyer rating or anything) and I inquired through CS why that might be and they just told me that I am doing fine and it’s normal for gigs to get rotated in search. For those 2 days my impressions dropped like a huge drop. And then after those 2 days it went back I noticed my impressions got back to normal and my gig appeared in search again! haha

You can try checking your gig under “my gig doesn’t appear in search”… If it says active and not under review or something, it really is just going through the algorithm…

You might also find this thread interesting:

Hope things get back in track for you! It really is confusing for us sellers sometimes…


It is active and thankyou for sharing the URL. Actually i never had this issue, specially when i was getting orders regularly and just one mistake of Buyer and all this started. Anyways, do u have any recommendations, how u prompt ur gig mostly?

You can try asking Customer Support directly what might be the reason. But I think you will be able to recover as long as you continue producing good work for returning customers and those who would be able to reach out to you

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Thankyou all for the feedback!

Facing same issue , we recently got first 2start rating and the gig went from first page to last page . Its been month and even after getting few orders and 5 star rating , its not coming back to its original position .

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Yeah, similar situation. I was so surprised to see that even in communication the buyer gave me 2 star and he was very happy with the communication. I think he just rushed into clicking the review and suddenly by gig dropped. with that 3star rating he gave be a tip as well. Which is really surprising because if he was not happy with my work. he could have written the bad review as well but instead he wrote over all Good experience. I don’t know what went wrong and due to fiverr policy, i can not ask for clarification.