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Gig views missing!


Hello I made a new gig and even after 3-5 days it still says 0 impressions and views. I made other gigs before and I got views and impressions from the first day. And it says the gig is active. Is it by any chance not visible?



(I’ll just copy paste what I wrote in another thread about this)

I have the same problem. Try to contact customer service and tell them about the problem. The first thing they will say is to clear your cache/cookies, have the latest flash player installed, use chrome. If that doesn’t work they will create a technical ticket which will take some time. I’m currently waiting for a fix.

Hope this helps you.


Thank you will try that.


Reply to @razvan1: Thanks for your informatio ! I am having the same problem to my new gigs which i made :slight_smile: let me try your tips otherwise i will contact CS :slight_smile:


I’m glad I helped you. Good luck at selling!


Didn’t really help… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s that I submitted a ticket too… There goes my plan of reaching level 2 soon.


I’m sorry then. I submitted my ticket on Monday. I’m curious how long it’ll take them to fix it.


I hope not too much. It would be bad for us… But customer support take their time usual so don’t expect any miracles.


I have too much this Problem.


Yeah it’s funny that I submitted another ticket with another minor problem. And that ticket got answered in 1 hour while this one didn’t and it’s been more then a day…

So awesome.


It seems that my statistics finally updated. It took 7 days after I submitted my ticket.


Mine started working too. And they seem alright.


I too am having the same condition as you, I see this situation on 14 May 12. I’m sending support requests, Fiverr team hopes will soon overcome this situation.


Me 2, the past 4 days… the statics be the same nothing changed… I think it’s a bug. I hope that Fiverr will fix it soon…