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Gig views on gig ranking

Hello All. Had two queries…

  1. Does getting more gig views without converting it in to orders influence your gig ranking?
  2. Chatting with a buyer at Fiverr messaging platform without order conversions affect gig ranking?
  1. Yes It’s good for rankin.
  2. Without order if you chat buyer It’s make a problem on your order rate.

Not clear ask me

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I know this is an old post and all, but wait. If a Buyer message me about work that have nothing to do with my Gig, and I write back to politely decline, because it’s not what I do. Does that mean that because no order was made this will affect my gig negatively? Because if that’s true, that’s so unfair. :confused:
This just happened to me today. Someone messaged me to do a logo to print on T-shirts and I declined because I don’t do logos…