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Gig Views

My gigs views became zero suddenly while i was constantly getting 40-100 views daily.

This is common issue faced by many sellers. Fiverr support is aware about it and actively working on it.

Ok. Thanks.

Same here. I notified support. It happened to all my gigs on January 5.

OMG…! I have same this problem.

My weekly impression on my gig dropped from 1.3k to 114. I thought it was “holidays” issue.

Same Here :frowning:
Is there any solution for this ?

Here alonsme problems my Google analytics says me that everyday gig view is 2K+ but in fiverr analytics its totally zero :frowning:

Same here, hope this issue gets fixed soon.

Yes Exactly, I’ve not even received single impression and view since last 2 days.
I don’t know why is that. Fiverr should do something about this. It is really disturbing.

I think it is just in the gigs page reporting, not the actual real number of impressions.

Anyone tell me what is ” recommended gig for you”.just check this png file.thanks

When this happens to quite a few people at once it is often due to a normal system process. It is usually due to the statistics reporting system being reset and you’re getting impressions, views, and clicks, the system just isn’t reporting it. It should start reporting normally again in a few days. If not, then contact Customer Support, but overall this has no harmful effect on your gigs.