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Hi all, I am making this post only to check with other Fiverrians if they are also facing such issues. A few days ago, I noticed that there was a new category in Writing & Translation, it was Research & Summaries. A lot of academic writers have moved to this new category, before they were in Creative Writing. I am still working in Creative Writing subcategory because buyers know me there. To catch the buyers in new sub category, I made a new gig with same details. Here is the link to new gig:

Amazingly, although Fiverr says and CS confirms that gig is active, I cannot see my own gig in the respective category Writing & Translation > Research & Summaries. This is not the situation with my old gigs; all of them included the Creative Writing category gig can be seen in their respective categories, with or without choosing any further filters e.g. Level Two.

Now this is preposterous; a seller cannot sell if his gig is not even visible to prospects. To expand the work and check if this is a permanent glitch with fiverr system (all sellers know how glitchy fiverr is e.g. Vacation mode orders) I made another gig in Writing & Translation > Business Copywriting > About Pages Copy; I already have a copywriting gig under Writing & Translation > Business Copywriting > Sales & Ads Copy, I made the new gig to grab the optimum buyers in new sub-sub category. And guess what happened? Same nonsense; it is apparently active, but invisible in respective category, while the old Sales & Ads Copy gig is still visible. Here is the link to new gig:

Now note: These new gigs do not show up in search, even when I use exact words as mentioned in gig titles e.g. urgently write a plus… Also note, that gigs do not show any impressions in analytics, but for the limited day(s) when CS staff checked them.

Something has to be changed. Fiverr CS has a typical ‘Indian call-centre’ attitude of pinning everything on sellers and showing great resistance to doing anything that matters. The help does not come always, and it comes when they see that there is nothing more the poor sellers can do to show them that glitch is not with their minds, but in Fiverr’s system. Resolved: Fiverr is a micro-level market and we get work easily, but if you guys will keep taking sellers for granted, do know that our loyalty is with work and the income, not with any marketplace. I know that Elance and Upwork have a great level of stability and maintenance; Fiverr is a big website, but to beat the competition, you need to show the same spirit. Glitchy, unstable and poor system fabric makes it difficult for the sellers to do their job, which is already very difficult.

I would like to know if any fellow sellers faced the same issue.

here we go again …same problem here

i have had my tickets with them for over a month -no reply !

Have you been on the forum lately? The reason i ask is because this subject has been talked about a lot in the past weeks. I don’t recall anyone getting any definitive answers from CS. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but from previous posts I read, I would say your chances of getting any satisfaction from CS on this subject is about zero.

@poetbilalahmed: I’ve found your research gig: 218th place in the new tab under Research &Summaries, with no further filters applied.

Perhaps you’re being penalized because it’s basically a duplicate gig? I’m just guessing here.

Reply to @inspiredtony:

Would some tell the Indian-call-centerish-blame-the-other-side fiverr CS that I am not the only one. I mean what the hell am I supposed to do? Even if I decide to waste my one year hardwork on this profile and make a new profile to have a new chance, Fiverr ToS do not allow this and I only want to play fair!

Reply to @inspiredtony:

Same situation here! CS will act as though our words fall on deaf ears when it is something they can’t/don’t want to fix.

Reply to @steveeyes:

That simply means economic sabotage of a seller who works only on Fiverr (it takes time to develop some reputation on any freelance site) and who does not want to make a new account, put his profile on risk and spend one more year reaching the point where he already is. This simply means that if in real world I elaborate my skills and learn beyond writing, on fiverr I can only sell the gigs established before this glitch happened. I cannot get into design, SEO or any other niche. Pathetic!

Reply to @catwriter:

That’s a news; you found it :slight_smile: Wow, have to check. But I applied further filters e.g. Research and Summary.

And no, the CS did not talk about an penalizing; the same thing is happening with my About Us gig which is certainly not a duplicate of my sales copy or any other gig.

Reply to @poetbilalahmed: Perhaps it just takes time for a new gig to become more visible? Especially since there are so many gigs offering writing of academic papers already?