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Gig visibility is terribly low

I’ve had some really good days/weeks on Fiverr around May/June. Around mid-June I was Out of Office for a few days and ever since I barely get 2-3 daily views on my gigs. I have 8 active gigs, so getting 7-8 daily views on ALL gigs ALTOGETHER is ridiculous.

The irony is that it started happening as I became a Level 1 seller. I have 100% positive rating, professional-looking profile, gig descriptions better than 70% of sellers etc etc… it still doesn’t matter when no one can see it.

It’s getting really frustrating.

What should I do or change? Do you guys have any ideas on how to increase impressions & views?

I think the pro services are receiving too much undeserved attention at the expense of other services. Fiverr seems pretty less concerned though but I hope this changes soon.

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